Karl and Jenn's Engagement - Olympic Village Vancouver - UBC Endowment Lands

We love engagement sessions.  Not only are they a wonderful way to get to know our clients, but they often award us with a rare opportunity to spend some quality time with our clients taking photographs in a relaxing setting.  We love the idea of selecting a few locations that mean something special, blocking off a day in the ol' calendar and capturing some memorable moments. 

Karl and Jenn's session was no different.  They took us on a little journey through Olympic Village, UBC's Endowment Lands (where Karl introduced us to probably our favourite new hidden location) and finished with a walk down Spanish Banks for sunset.  We honestly laughed from start to finish and we truly enjoyed the opportunity to really get to know them as a couple.  It really is rare to find two people so comfortable in front of the camera right from the get go and that leaves us even more excited to join them on their big day!

Congratulations you two, the countdown is on and we will see you in a few short weeks!!