Tyler and Deandra's Engagement I Buntzen Lake

Having the opportunity to reconnect with old friends is without doubt one of the best parts of pursuing wedding photography.  While social media leaves us all in touch, the opportunity to actually physically reconnect and play a critical role in their life, no matter how brief, is such an honour.  Deandra is no exception.  Until our first meeting for her wedding it had been more than 8 years since we were even in the same room with one another.  After spending an afternoon taking photos, I can honestly say its as if no time has passed.

Of course the only thing better than reconnecting with old friends, is seeing how far they have come in life and the new role they are playing with their partner.  Enter Tyler.  He is a tremendous person and I could not be happier for the both of them!

For Tyler and Deandra's engagement we decided to spend an afternoon around Buntzen Lake In beautiful Anmore.  We had spectacular weather, and took a tremendous stroll through the forest and a walk down by the water.  It was nothing but laughter from start to finish with these two and we are absolutely thrilled with the outcome.  Spending the time reviewing the shots we captured has made me even more excited for their wedding fast approaching on the calendar.

Congratulations again you two.  Let the countdown to wedding day begin!