Some Exciting New Changes...

Sam and I have recently spent some time reflecting on our year and all the amazing things we accomplished.  Along with our reflection we made a list of goals to accomplish which we feel will allow us to provide all of you and our future clients with the best possible service.    

a reflection on 2015

If you've had a look around the site recently, you may have had the opportunity to notice some updated information, services and some new images.  We feel so blessed to have have even been given some of the opportunities we were fortunate to be apart of.  We made some lifelong friends over the course of 2015 and had the opportunity to play a roll in some magical weddings.  We truly feel that our clients are just so amazing to us and we thank you all from the bottom of our hearts!


You're all going to see a whole lot more from this lovely lady.  Sam and I have made some wonderful changes to our packages and the services that we will be providing our clients and that means she will be playing an integral role moving forward.  We have a few special changes coming your way so keep your eyes on us!

our first wedding show:

We are proud to announce that Chris Grandy Photography will be a vendor at the 2016 Tri City Wedding Show on March 20, 2016. 

If you are engaged or starting the process of locating vendors for your big day we would encourage you to stop by and check out some of the amazing local vendors that the show has to offer.  Consider it a really amazing opportunity to see what your local talent has to offer you.  If you happen to stop by to check things out please come say hello!

The wedding box:

To go hand in hand with this new year we have made some new changes to our services and we have finally put together a product that we feel best compliments our work and our brand.  Your personalized wedding box comes complete with our custom USB and a small collection of special 4x6 images that we feel best represents your day.  Handcrafted with a little personality and love we have even spiced up your box with a little unique flare.  To finish your box off, it comes complete with a small token of our gratitude to say thanks for allowing us to play a role in your special day.

The Wedding Album

One of the most incredible things we are proud to be offering this year is the opportunity to invest in a one of a kind wedding album!  

We live in a digital world and we often forget that photography was once all about the physical image.  The investment in a wedding album is the perfect vessel to showcase your images for your friends and family for years to come.

Your wedding album is constructed with a gutterless binding system, which means that none of your images will be cut off or lost in the crease of the book.  This also means that the book can lay perfectly flat with a single image spanning over two pages.  Each album is ordered with a personalized leather cover and can be constructed in either large or small size with a variety of different pages to showcase the best images from your day.  Most importantly, the archival processing of the thick pages will create a book that will stand the test of time.  We finally found a product that is truly one of a kind!

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