Bryn & Nicole's Engagement - Granville Island/Steveston

This year has been the year of weddings and engagements for so many close friends and family and among that nice long list is these two wonderful people, Bryn and Nicole.  Nicole and I met at University where we lived with one another for almost 4 full years (including a complete year in residence).  It was during this time that we really built our connection and I can safely say that our friendship will continue for many, many years to come.   It was during our final year of University when Nicole met Bryn and the rest is now history.  

I was of course overwhelmed with excitement when Nicole sent me the first message asking me to be her photographer for the big day.  To this day I am always the most shocked when my close friends ask me to be a part of their day.  Having trust in me and what I do truly means the world and when it comes from a friend that I hold as close as Nicole, it truly means a great deal.  June 2016 cannot come fast enough!

Our engagement session started in beautiful Granville Island where we spent a solid couple of hours walking around, grabbing coffee, having lunch and generally enjoying a beautifully sunny day.  The unique backdrop of Granville Island is one of my favourite places to take clients because of the large variety of places to visit.   After Granville Island we made our way over to Steveston for some relaxation and recharging.  After a delicious dinner with the family we made our way down to the pier for sunset.  What a sunset it was!

My session with Bryn and Nicole was extremely special.  Spending time with them really doesn't feel like work and the results can really be seen in our images.  Ive always said that the importance of engagement sessions is the opportunity for the client and photographer to connect before the wedding.  Making a connection allows for a level of intimacy in the images that may not have been there before.  Of course in the case of Bryn and Nicole we didn't need the practice and that means A+ material from the start!  

While our time here was special, I know that their wedding will be even more spectacular and I am officially counting the days!  Check out some of my favourite moments from their engagement session...