Trevor and Cheryl Wedding

This was a wedding I have been looking forward to for over a year.  Cheryl and Trevor were extremely prepared and we had our first meeting some many, many, many months before their big had arrived.  Based purely on this, I was not shocked that their day was not only brilliantly put together, but probably the most personal day I have had the pleasure of attending this calendar year.  Every inch of their wedding screamed "Trevor and Cheryl".

Our morning began at Trevor and Cheryl's were the ladies had a relaxing start to their day.  Sam and I had the pleasure of joining them from start to finish where we caught some of my favourite moments from their entire day.  We hit the road mid day where we ventured to Trevor's parents' property where the ceremony and reception were being put together before our very eyes.  The show of course went off without a hitch.  We then made our way back in our limo where we went on a photo adventure to capture some time with the bridal party before heading back for dinner.  After some memorable speeches and touching stories, the couple and their guests danced the night away in style.

It was during my time at their wedding that I was reminded of Trevor and Cheryl's engagement session some many months ago.  I truly believe that these two people share something entirely unique and that is why I will never forget the time I have had the pleasure of spending with them.  Trevor and Cheryl have love for one another in a way that I personally find inspiring and I am honoured to have been provided with the opportunity to play a role in shaping their day.  Congratulations again you two.

The following images are a snap shot of the day Sam Rose Photography and I spent with Trevor and Cheryl.