Tesch Family

The Tesch and Amistad families recently welcomed a new addition to the mix.  Her name is Veah and she is probably the most expressive little one I have ever met.  Spending an afternoon with these new parents and their family was not only a joy, but a great deal of fun.  We had laughter from start to finish and we really couldn't ask for a more weather appropriate day.

We spent an afternoon in Town Centre Park in beautiful Coquitlam.  We took a nice slow walk around the lake and through the forest with some well spent breaks in between to capture some pretty memorable moments.  Little baby Veah was on point with laughter and giggles the whole way through, and after a much deserved nap after her hour of modeling, she was quickly back in action for round two of photographs!  She's a tough little one for sure! 

The past couple years have awarded me a number of opportunities to work with young families and while I find myself predominantly occupied with weddings and engagements, its the casual sessions with families like the Amistad's and the Tesch's that make me remember how lucky I am to do what I do.  Go ahead and check out some of the perfect moments we captured during our afternoon together...

Congratulations you guys!