Carey and Heather's Wedding

What a day.  What a special day.  To say this has probably been the most important day in my photography career would be an understatement.  But I really cannot picture anything better.  Having the opportunity to play a role in photographing my brother's wedding is one thing, but having the opportunity to do that and stand beside him as his best man is on a completely different level.  I feel privileged and honoured to have been given such an opportunity.

Carey and Heather's day brought us all to beautiful Port Moody where they said their "I do's" at an unconventionally perfect venue.  Surrounded by their friends and family it was quite literally the perfect day.  The ladies spent the morning in laughter and style and the boys caught an early morning football game to set the pace for the day.  I of course had the pleasure of hopping both parties, which is an honour awarded to the best man/photographer.  We made our way to the rainy docks of Rocky Point where Carey and Heather put their emotions on display for a first look.  After a visit to the venue for some family photos the bridal party and some family made their way to a local brewery for a mid day treat and some much deserved relaxation.  Once the afternoon came around the ceremony went off without a hitch.  Quite literally the perfect backdrop while the sun began to set in the background.  After the official kiss the party began with a number of memorable champagne toasts, a delicious spread of food and of course wonderful photographic moments from start to finish. 

Carey and Heather's wedding is also a memorable day for Chris Grandy Photography as we celebrate the first official collaboration with the incomparable Samantha Rose of Sam Rose Photography (  She is my official photography partner in crime and has signed on to almost every wedding for the summer.  The following snapshot of the day is a collection of our work together and is only the start of so much more to come.  I cannot say thank you to her enough for returning home from her european adventures and joining me in this whirlwind of a journey in photographing weddings.  Congratulations Sam, wedding number #1 went off without a hitch and our dream team adventure has only just begun!

Check out some of the unforgettable moments Sam and I captured during our day with Carey and Heather...