Keith and Kim are Expecting!

Spending an afternoon with Keith, Kim and of course Winston was something I was really looking forward to.  Not just because Winston was present but as most of you know, he made all the difference. 

There are always people that end up playing a critical role in support when it comes to my business.  I have to say that Kim has always been one of those influential people who has provided support in any way she can.  She has become a person in my life who regularly takes time out of her day to express her love for my work and for what I do.  To receive such support from someone I respect as much as Kim is an honour.  For that and that alone I am forever grateful.  Her support is something that will never go unnoticed.

I now had the opportunity to give back a little love to Kim and her husband Keith by capturing some peaceful moments before baby Jones comes into the world.  What better opportunity than to visit the one place they hold special in their lives, the place they said "I do".

We laughed from start to finish, we captured some memorable moments and I had an opportunity to hopefully give them something that they can look back on and remember with a smile.  I sure do hope that this is just the start to many future family photos with Keith, Kim and baby Jones.

Check out a few moments from our time together...