Sam and Lacie's Engagement

Most of you must feel like im beginning to sound like a broken record, but this is another couple I am extremely excited about.  Sam and Lacie have trusted Samantha and I to photograph their day and we are both so honoured.  While I haven't had the pleasure of spending as much time with Sam as I have with Lacie over the years, the short time I have spent with them together has been enough for me to know they will plan much more than an average cookie cutter day.  Their day will be pretty darn special. 

Sam and Lacie's wedding is now fast approaching but for now we get to celebrate their engagement.  The three of us spent an afternoon in one of their favourite summer hangouts around White Pine beach and the lake.  Sam and Lacie took me on a little walk through the forest and across the dock they would later use to take a very cold, yet refreshing plunge to officially celebrate the occasion.  The three of us hung out by the water and enjoyed the refreshing sunshine while we made our way around the dock and through the forest.  Its the refreshingly casual sessions like these that really make me forget that I am actually working.  Sam and Lacie are both inspirational and wonderfully real, and I feel honoured and fortunate to have such an opportunity to be a part of their day  Only three more months to go...I cannot wait!

Check out some samples from our time together....