Trevor and Cheryl's Engagement

Trevor and Cheryl.  What a couple.

Its not every day I have the pleasure of working with such a passionate couple.  Putting aside her passion for creativity and photography, Cheryl has passion for Trevor.  So much so that I find these two beyond inspiring.  These two were put on this earth to find one another, that much was made clear to me after just one afternoon together.  And the look you can see in Trevor's eyes when he sees Cheryl makes me beyond excited for their wedding.  Emotions will be on an all time high I predict.  I did not have the pleasure of knowing these two wonderful people prior to working with them as they were a referral from a previous wedding, but I have to say with complete confidence that I have gained two new friends.  Their kindness extends beyond themselves and they are just amazing to be around.

Trevor and Cheryl took me on quite the adventure.  We started our day down on the beach where we walked the dog and followed the rocks to find some memorable photographs.  Eventually we made our way to White Rock where Trevor popped "the question".  I can see why we decided on this magical spot because it certainly was beautiful.  We spent some time on the pier and down by the water before leaving for a bite to eat to finish off the day.

I cannot wait for their big day to come in July.  It is fast approaching.  Check out some of our best moments together...