Jason and Katie's Engagement

Jason and Katie are some of my newest clients.  I feel lucky to have even been considered to a part of their big day fast approaching.  I don't know them very well yet, but they are a wonderfully real couple.  They share humour and love in such a refreshing way that I felt completely comfortable from minute one spending an entire afternoon running around Vancouver with them both.  They told stories of their relationship and how they have grown together.  They were wonderful to work with and, despite some interim nervousness, really loosened up and appeared to have a good time.

The three of us met in Sunny Yaletown where we enjoyed another unbelievably odd winter day.  We hung around the boats and walked around the water for a while before turning back and making our way into Stanley Park.  After a quick recharge over lunch and a drink, we ventured down to the beach where we climbed some rocks and chased the tide. 

Check out some of moments together...