The Jones Famiy

Caution: The following album contains a pug and a baby.  General cuteness will be present.

Tis the season for family sessions!

Last month I had the pleasure of spending a short session with my favourite little growing Port Moody family: Keith, Kim, Zack and of course little Winston.  They joined me to capture a few moments during one of our amazing and brisk November sunsets.  

While I was processing their shots I was instantly reminded of our last session together when Keith and Kim and I spent some time in Deer Lake Park capturing a few moments to celebrate their journey as parents-to-be.  Now we have come full circle and It really is hard to believe that little Zack is almost six months old!  I believe I said it then but it certainly needs to be said again that Kim and Keith have been such a monumental support system for my photography and allowing me to have the opportunity to give them a few moments truly means so much!   Kim and Keith, I look forward to more family photos, more laughter and whole lot more photo magic!  

P.S:  I hope you will all notice that along with his big ol' smile and general cute factor, our little future gap model even showed up with a subtle outfit change.  I would expect nothing less.