Carey and Heather are expecting!

I cannot remember the last time I was so excited and anxious about anything.  The countdown is on and in a little over 2 weeks I get to meet my beautiful niece.  What better way to spend the holidays!

Its unbelievable to me that nine months has literally flown by this quickly.  I can remember the day they first told me I was going to be an uncle and to this day I can still remember being physically incapable of containing my joy and excitement.  The waiting game has officially begun and reality is soon to sink in that the family will forever be changed with the addition of Carey and Heather's beautiful little girl.

We thought it best to capture a few quick moments of the journey the three of them have been on for these last 8.5 months.  While we were forced to battle some classic west coast rain and cold, we did manage to find some luck with possibly the most beautiful November afternoon on the day of Heather's baby shower.  We couldn't have selected a more appropriate time or setting and while the cold literally chased us away in the end, what we captured is pure magic.

Congratulations Brother and Sister.