Aaron and Jen's Wedding - Grouse Mountain

Aaron and Jennifer.  Their venue was one of a kind, the company was one of a kind and there was a pug with us for the duration of the morning.  Needless to say this wedding will have a special place in my heart.

Shooting their wedding up Grouse Mountain I was instantly reminded of their engagement session back in February where we made our way up the mountain in search of a winter backdrop to celebrate the soon-to-be hitched couple.  Of course our winter never came but those gorgeous and bright shots we grabbed go perfectly with the even more vibrant images we captured at their wedding!  These two have had dates up the mountain, became engaged up the mountain, celebrated the engagement up the mountain and now tied the knot up the mountain.  What better backdrop to celebrate their journey together?  Absolutely magical.

Our day began with a sunny start in beautiful Van-city where the ladies and (oh yes) a pug dog spent the morning getting ready.  Before we knew it the day lead us to gorgeous Stanley Park for a pretty remarkable first look.  We were then treated to a little afternoon snack before bridal party shots and a quick private gondola ride up Grouse Mountain where Aaron and Jen threw quite the party.  Ive said it before and I will say it again, i'm always the most impressed with my couples' ability to inject so much character into their weddings.  Aaron and Jen's day was not short of character.  Every inch of their ceremony and reception screamed Aaron and Jen and its the little details like this that ultimately lead to not only tremendous wedding photos, but a memorable experience for guests.

Aaron and Jennifer are two people that were clearly meant to find one another in life and having the opportunity to spend a day by their side celebrating that was noting short of remarkable.

The following shots represent the work of both Sam Rose Photography and me.  Check out some of our favourites from Aaron and Jennifer's wedding...