Rob & Klaudia's Engagement

Rob and Klaudia go down in history as my most prepared couple.  Hands down.  Their engagement consisted of four (4) different locations (including their apartment), four different outfits, a lovely bundle of flowers, two beers, one very large coffee and probably the most gorgeous sunset I have seen in many, many years.  The result of such planning is probably the most versatile set of pictures I have ever produced from an engagement session.  

On a perfectly sunny day in August, the wonderful couple took me on a snapshot adventure of their relationship and some of their most memorable spots along the way.  We kicked the adventure off my spending some time in their lovely apartment and the small park across the street.  After that the couple packed some clothing and we hopped in the car to Granville Island where we toured the market and enjoyed some ice cream on the dock watching the sun.  Finally, we ended our session down by Spanish Banks where the unbelievable sunset joined us for a memorable set of shots.

Couples like Rob and Klaudia make my job easy.  Check out some of the most memorable moments from our session together...