The Vancouver Fish House

A few weeks ago I was invited to capture some promotional material for the Vancouver Fish House.  The lovely ladies in charge of event coordination invited me to join them at one of their classy weddings to take a step back and capture some moments from a far on behalf of the restaurant.  Along with this experience came some exciting opportunities and challenges.  Taking a photograph of a happy couple on behalf of a venue added a completely new layer of personality and charm to unleash, which, in my opinion, really allows a candid moment to shine through.

The wedding was beautiful.  The happy couple included lots of colour and personality to their day, which made the images all the more special.  The bride even included a little humour when she had a little stumble on her long dress while giving the crowd a little "thank you" and a bow. To top things up, the newlyweds organized a personal horse and carriage ride around Stanley Park while their guests enjoyed some cocktails in the summer heat.

What a special experience this day was to me.  Check out some of my favourite moments from the weddings AND stay tuned for some exciting news....