Gabriel & Kaitlin's Engagement

One of my favourite things about being a photographer is when friends ask me to be a part of their wedding.  Many people in my life think this would be a "burden" or that I should enjoy myself and not "work".  The reality is that allowing me to spend time with them on such a personal level during their day means more to me than words can express.  I have the opportunity placed before me to make their day a little more meaningful, which is the single most important reason I love doing what it is that I do.

Gabriel and Kaitlin are no exception to the above.  They have allowed me to be their photographer and to say that I am honoured would be an understatement.  

For the engagement session, we spent the early afternoon waiting out one of Vancouver's classic rainstorms in a lovely restaurant in Stanley Park.  Once the rain stopped and the clouds parted, we ventured out into the beautiful scenery and spent a couple of hours touring one of Vancouver's most amazing spots.  We concluded our tour of Stanley Park on the seawall where we took a moment to stop, relax and enjoy Vancouver's perfect horizon.