Carey & Heather's Engagement

Carey and Heather have presented me with an opportunity to be a part of their wedding in a personal way unlike any other.  Together, they have played an influential role in not only how I choose to live my life, but how my life has shaped itself and will continue to do so for years to come.  It seems only appropriate that I am now faced with the honour of presenting them with the ability to experience every thought, remember each feeling and relive every moment from the day that will shape their new life together as partners.  Their engagement session is probably the most memorable session of my photography career.

We began our session with a couple of drinks while we played the waiting game with Mother Nature.  Once the rain subsided and the clouds opened up to some hidden blue sky, we ventured into Gastown's sun beamed streets for some mean poses in some equally mean and classy attire.   We later made our way into Stanley Park for a quick walk around the seawall and a much greener backdrop.  Finally, in classic Heather and Carey fashion we later joined their four-legged children for a walk around Barnet Marine Park.

Tasty wine, three outfits, several locations and 5 dogs added up to one memorable engagement session.  Check out some of our favourite moments...