Tony, Jasmin, Woody & Buzz

Family sessions are quite underrated.  Family sessions create, in my opinion, some of the most memorable moments.  That moment when you lift your child in the air while the sun bursts perfectly around his smiling face.  Yes, those moments are magical and to some beyond compare; however, what about the moment when you hold your two puppies up in the air while they simultaneously attempt to bite one THAT is a picture.

Tony and Jasmin have been growing their little family of furry four leg babies for quite some time.  Now a family of four, we took a little stroll down one of their favourite paths on the Poco dyke.  We hung out under the setting sun with the dogs and captured some pretty wonderfully candid moments that best represent their time together as a family.  This was also Buzz's first professional facebook appearance from a photographer and we were sure to capture all his best looks.  When we lost the light, we went back to their new house and had a quick bite to eat before finishing off with some will indoor moments.

Being a photographer is a wonderful job.  Even more wonderful is being able to watch my friends grow their little families and to be given a chance to watch it all happen.  Thank you for the experience Tony and Jasmin.  I cannot wait for more!