Tyler and Caroline's Wedding

Every wedding has a special story that follows its conclusion.  Sometimes that story is as simple as a comical speech, sometimes that story is a memorable gift and sometimes that story is simply the overall experience the couple has throughout their day.  In the case of Tyler and Caroline, that story for me relates to the unfortunate loss of their photographs.  Of course, like all wonderful weddings, this story has a positive ending :)

Data corruption is a terrible tragedy in the world of wedding photography.  Lucky for Tyler, Caroline and myself, the wonderful and hardworking people at Lexar were successful in rescuing a LARGE percentage of our photographs lost to the corruption.  The silver lining to this experience is not simple a lesson to be learned but an opportunity for us all to relive Caroline and Tyler's special day one more time!

The happy began their day in Old Orchard Park, Port Moody, where they took a stroll through the woods with myself for their photo session.  We were the lucky winners of a perfect photographic day of wonderful bright overcast sky that allowed for the rustic colours of the woods to really shine through the images.  Take a look at some of the recovered images in all their glory.  This happy couple has never looked happier!