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I believe that every photograph should be not just special, but entirely unique.  I strive to say that my work is never ordinary with every project I undertake.

My passion for photography originated from a young age with my childhood love for cameras.  I developed this passion throughout high school and furthered my skills during my undergrad at the University of Victoria where I studied visual arts.  While my background in art has taught me my love for landscapes, it's my love of people and the special bond they share with one another that drives me to continue my overwhelming excitement in the world of photography.  This is my life's passion.

It's the most important moments people share with one another that I intend to capture in every session.  






This is Sam.  We have known each other for approximately 8 years.  We studied together at the University of Victoria in the same Visual Arts program and that ultimately lead us down the path in life to pursue photography professionally.  To put it simple, Sam and I are cut from the same photography cloth and that means we were meant to work together.    

There is no one else I would trust more with my clients than Sam.  She is not only extremely talented, but approaches photography with effortless creativity.  She is kind, approachable and has unwavering professionalism to everything she pursues.  You will soon see that the connection you have with her will undoubtedly be one of the most memorable from your day.  

While Sam and I have many opinions towards photography, if you asked us both what our favourite element of wedding photography is, we would both tell you that capturing the love that two people share is by far the most important.   For that reason, I can confidently say that we were meant to take this journey in life together.